Having it all

Having it all

When I got pregnant with my first child, I remember being so excited about showing the world it was possible for a woman to “have it all”.  Women get told every day that it’s impossible to be successful and a mother so I did everything in my power to have an amazing career, cook out of this world meals, have a beautifully decorated house and look “together” every day.  

This “having it all” syndrome continued through the birth of my second. I realized about one year into life with two kids that this ridiculous run around was just that..ridiculous!  It took watching my child battle an illness for months to stop myself directly in my crazy tracks.

I am not saying women can’t have it all.  You can have it all because you ultimately decide what “having it all” means. The problem is, as women, we pit ourselves against each other in a “who does it better” competition. I just can’t do it anymore. There are some women who will always do something better than me.  I am surrounded by women in my life who nail “having it all” and wonder if  they even know. One girlfriend has the most perfect “west elm” home, great children and husband, and blossoming career. I have friends that are stay at home moms….who can handle running a home and raising children each day. Friends who have no kids, travel all the time, eat at amazing restaurants and look so well rested:). Here’s the deal….we all rock!  All of us

My definition of “having it all” is a semi clean house, a work ensemble that almost always includes a smear of snot, and a small gut that I’ll never lose because I work in cupcakes and love it.  It also includes two kids who are healthy, happy and always having fun.  And I am doing an excellent job!

I read lots of blogs where women are all saying the same thing.  I really hope one day we all do stop putting this unnecessary pressure on ourselves to have it all.  Until then, cheers to hitting the 5 month mark since Pierce went into the hospital.  We have it all….minus the gluten❤️ 

Could there be a better picture heading?
helping daddy build the swingset
an elmo obsession


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