If at first it tastes awful, try try again

If at first it tastes awful, try try again

Two blogs in, and I need to make a confession.  I have no patience, none at all.  My entire being is built around immediate gratification…it’s a character flaw that I acknowledge yet spend no time trying to fix.  Something I’ve learned over the past few days is there cannot be a baker on earth with this flaw.  Patience is the key to baking, especially bread.  You might wonder how I learned this.  Well wonder no more and take a gander at this “beauty”.  It ties in my book with brown rice bread for grossest thing I’ve tasted.  I should have saved it to use as a boat anchor.  It might have actually weighed more than Pierce.

This was supposed to be sandwich bread, not a sponge
This was supposed to be sandwich bread, not a sponge

Lesson learned: let the yeast due its thing.  I vow to try again soon, but I’m letting my pride heal first.

So, one failure in, but lots of great gluten free meals and treats have been had at the Tucker household.  I’m one of those cooks who doesn’t like “basic” meals, an issue I blame on Pinterest.  If I had never discovered this website, I know I’d be content eating sandwiches, tater tots, and chicken nuggets.  Stupid Stupid Pinterest. I should like basic meals….I have approximately 23 minutes to get food on the table before one of my children (husband included) erupts in a hangry fit.  But I always try to bring new flavors, new meals, and great looking dishes to the table.

I stressed when we went gluten free thinking we’ll just be eating basic meat and veggies every night, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  We’ve enjoyed roasted veggies (parsnips and carrots were delish), maple glazed salmon, bbq pork in the crock pot, Italian quinoa bites, gluten free tacos and many many other items.  All thanks to that stupid stupid Pinterest.  I do my best to “pin” new delicious ideas each week, so if you need any gluten free meals feel free to follow along:


And the meals are working.  Pierce is growing like a weed.  He is still having to drink Elecare in place of milk (a prescription formula that will help him build up the walls of his intestines).  It is extremely expensive, but we are covered under insurance, at least for a little while.  His next GI evaluation is in August so fingers crossed at that point he can transition off the liquid gold. Although if it keeps him happy and healthy, I’ll pay for it until he’s 18.

I told Nathan the other day I truly think we forgot what his personality had been.  He spent so long being sick, it was almost normal for us to have a child that didn’t smile or play or want to interact.  It is an understatement to say we are thrilled to watch his personality return. Even teachers at daycare have raved about the thrill of seeing his smile and watching him play with other children.  The boy below is our boy and we are so happy to have him back!  Well off to another adventure in gluten-free life!  More bread baking horrors and life stories to come…..thanks for following along

Spending time with his big brother.
Spending time with his big brother.
Riding on his horse Benny....no fear Daddy is standing by:)
Riding on his horse Benny….no fear Daddy is standing by:)

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